Friday, April 10, 2009

I Put Some Gas in my Car and I'm Ready to Go Go Go

I had previously done some work on the gas tank before I was writing on my blog. The tank is obviously no longer needed to hold gas, but has to remain on the bike for aesthetics. Inside of the tank is a lot of wasted space, so I cut it in half to put stuff inside. On my particular bike, the tank is partially covered by the front fairing. This produces a recess in the bottom half of the tank and was the perfect place to make the cut.
The first picture shows the bottom half of the tank sitting in position, with 4 batteries stored inside. The top half of the tank is sitting where the seat should be. I still need to add a latch and hinge to hold the two pieces together. This has to be designed so the tank doesn't fly open while I'm riding and also has to be strong enough to take the load from my leaning on it.
The second picture has the top and bottom of the tank in position. I put some edge guard around the cut edges of the top piece so there are no sharp edges.


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