Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This picture shows the beginnings of the changes I'm making to my electric motorcycle instrument panel. The center pod housed the engine tachometer, which I no longer need. I have replaced it with 3 digital meters for monitoring the electric motorcycle's performance. The red one on top is the system voltage meter that I've shown before. The green meter with the triple 8s is a amp or current meter. Below that, is a temperature gauge. This gauge is fitted with a probe that I will attach to the motor housing. The 3 digital gauges are panel mounted on a sheet of plastic that has been cut to size and spray painted flat black. When the bike is running, the gauges will hopefully be the only thing you notice.
The lower right pod was the engine oil temperature gauge. I have replaced this with a clock, something this bike was sorely missing. The "clock" is actually a pocketwatch that happened to fit right into this space. Above the clock are 4 dummy lights. 2 of these lights are unused on the electric conversion and will be replaced with battery charging status lights.

On a side note, I've gone through half a dozen iPhone apps, looking for the best way to post on my blog. This post is sent via Blogpress, which may be my final solution.


Andrew said...

What's your estimate for when this project will be finished? It's looking pretty good.

a said... used the word "probe"