Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Have you ever heard the adage, Measure twice, Cut once? Well, I was thinking it last night when I cut the long members of this tray, but I was too lazy to walk upstairs and do the measuring. The result? My tray is approximately 3/4" too long. Dammit! While this extra length is okay for the batteries, it creates an interference with the front wheel when placed in the motorcycle. To my credit, I knew that I was cutting the piece a little too long, and it's much easier to make things shorter than longer. Let's see if I can get it right tonight! The batteries shown here are a combination from my old electric Vespa and new batteries for this conversion. The yellow-top batteries(shown layer down on their side) are Optima D51 Yellow Tops, and the grey batteries are B&B HR-12-15. Both battery types are non-spillable sealed lead acid, which means they can me mounted on the motorcycle in any orientation.